Habib Abu Ghraib is one of the beneficiaries from the Sheltering Project

Habib Abu Ghraib is 40 years old, from Maaret Harma village in Idlib countryside, displaced to Salwa village due to shelling. ”I am married and have four children unregistered at schools due to displacement, although they were formerly outstanding in their schools” he says.

He continued saying “We were displaced escaping from the intensity of aerial bombardment and out of fear for our children. We were displaced to the groves after destroying of our houses during the vicious shelling campaign on our village. We stayed under trees for long time until found a tent to live in. Because of my health status, I cannot work and earn money to cover my family’s expenditures. Praise to Allah that I was accepted to the sheltering project, so my family and I will translocate from the tent to a house. Sheltering Projects are very necessary and important so people can live a decent life since live in a tent is very hard. I hope that the war in Syria finish and people can back home, live in peace and get rid of injustice.”

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