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Donate a Winter Kit for Yemeni Refugees

Donate a Winter Kit for Yemeni Refugees
Table of Contents

Donate Cash Assistance to Help Displaced and Refugees

Displaced people and refugees always need a cash assistant because they leave their homes with all the things they have and move to another strange place with nothing.

Refugees need to rebuild their lives from zero point, so they need our help to have a There are many refugees around the world. People in different places need cash assistance to have a better life.

Donate Winter Kit to Help Refugees

As winter comes, refugees will face multiple difficulties. With our help, we can help them skip the winter easily.

Donating winter kits for refugees and displaced people will help them to stay warm in cold winter.

Winter kits are essential, especially for people living in camps or places that are not like “Home.”. 

Winter disasters are the most dangerous for children and weak people, so they always need our help to stay safe and warm.

Donate Blankets

When you donate a blanket to a refugee, you will feel better because you helped someone in need.

Giving blankets is a beautiful way to support the refugee community. Donations of blankets can significantly improve the lives of a person or organization, particularly refugees.

There is no better gift than providing warm clothing to the refugees during winter.

Donate Children’s Clothes 

Children are the most affected by winter because of their weak bodies, and when children leave their homes with their parents as refugees, they won’t be able to take their clothes with them.

Donating children’s clothes is a perfect way to help refugees in winter and save their lives from the cold weather.

Donate Children’s Clothes 

Donate an Insulating straw mat

Many refugees living in camps don’t have the necessities to face the winter on all sides. So they always need the equipment which helps them to stay warm and safe in the tent.

Donating an insulating straw mat can protect the refugees from a part of the cold and gives them a little warmth to continue their lives safely.

Donate Emergency light unit

Most refugee camps are located in places far from the city center. They don’t have the main supplies that help the camp be more habitable. 

Emergency light units are essential thing in camps, especially at night. It is considered a security factor for people living in camps.

Donate Food supplies

Many refugees can’t access healthy food in the camps,  and the most important thing to give the children in camps is healthy life by providing food for them.

Helping people to have food is helping them to stay alive.

Donate Food supplies

Current Situation in Yemen

Currently, Yemen is living in a bad situation because of poverty. Most people in Yemen don’t have the ability to access WASH, clean water, and healthy food, which are essential to staying alive. The country’s humanitarian crisis is said to be among the worst in the world due to widespread hunger and disease.

Donate Now to Help Yemeni Refugees

Preventing a major famine in Yemen is currently our most critical mission. Family displacement increases famine risk by four times compared to the general population.

By donating today, you are helping the Yemeni people to have access to the life basics they need.


Which is the best charity to donate to for Yemen?

The best charity is food, or money to help people get food.

Which charities help in Yemen?

Many charities are helping in Yemen, one of the most is Bonyan organization.

What is the best way to help Yemen?

You can donate to Yemen by giving donation to the Bonyan Organization, which distributed these donations to refugees honestly and fairly.

What can I donate to Yemen?

You can donate anything that is life-basic-needs to people in Yemen.

Can you donate clothes to Yemen?

Yes. You can donate clothes to Yemen

Why is Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis?

Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis, because of the famine.

Can you sponsor a child in Yemen?

Yes. You can sponsor a child in Yemen

What started the crisis in Yemen?

The war has started the crisis in Yemen.

How do I choose a charity to donate to?

You can choose Bonyan to donate to Yemen.

Is Making A Wish is a good charity?

Yes. Making Dua’a to Allah is a good charity.

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