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Winter in Northern Syria

With each winter, the suffering of the residents of the camps for the displaced in northern Syria worsens. The rain that falls on their dilapidated tents and the cold infiltrating their bodies increase their suffering. Perhaps the most difficult journey that the displaced suffer in the winter is the journey of searching for warmth.

Winter Increases Suffering of Syrian Refugees

Every winter, the refugees in refugee camps suffer the same weather problems in Northern Syria in many ways. 

Suffering From Freezing Weather

It is a recurring situation that raids the camps of northern Syria in the winter without warning. Perhaps the most difficult journey that the displaced suffer from in the winter is the journey of searching for warmth and how to keep their young ones safe through these unbearable conditions. 

Suffering Muddy Lands and Roads

The mud that covers the camp’s lands and the rainwater that makes movement between the tents is a matter that requires supplies of winter cladding that most camp residents cannot secure, that the tents they inhabit are not sufficient to repel rainwater and mud from infiltrating inside them.

Winter Increases Suffering of Syrian Refugees

Suffering a Lack of Food 

Food is a very essential need for refugees who are suffering from the lack of food in the camps.

Since the refugees have their food out of the camps, the camp roads probably close, and the camps can’t access food.

Suffering a Lack of Electricity

In summer and winter, all people need electricity to face the hot or cold weather, but in some refugee camps, there is no electricity which makes the people there live in bad weather full of diseases, especially in winter.

The camp residents’ electricity crisis is causing tragic conditions for the sick, the elderly, and children.

Suffering a Lack of Wood for Heaters

A tent with fragile walls will protect refugees from the cold. People began to use primitive means to secure warmth, and many of them had to burn clothes, cardboard, bags, and plastic, and some of them used primitive heaters and stoves that posed a threat to their lives.

The IDPs in the camps have also suffered in the past winters from floods that have left huge human and material damages, especially in irregular, informal camps, as these camps have turned from a place where people seek refuge into large swamps.

However, a large percentage of tents are uninhabitable because of their wear and tear from weather factors.

What Refugees Need to Face the Winter?

Refugees are now facing a bitterly cold winter. The makeshift camps are unable to withstand extreme weather conditions, and families need winter clothing, blankets, fuel for heat, and shelter to stay warm.

A winterization kit is the most important thing to help camp people. Donating winterization kits by the Bonyan organization supports people who are living in bad conditions to have a better life.

What Refugees Need in Most to Face the Winter

A stove and heater could help refugees to have hot meals in cold weather, which helps them to stay warm and avoid diseases.

Many organizations can help you to reach the families in camps and help them. One of these organizations is Bonyan.

On the priority list of needs for the residents of northern Syria came the need to distribute heating fuel to the displaced, while in the second place came the need to secure heaters of all kinds (gasoline, firewood, coal, and kerosene).

Access to fuel in the winter season is the main obstacle for all Syrian families at a time when families suffer from weak purchasing power on the one hand and a scarcity of natural resources on the other.

There are many types of tents in the Syrian camps, and many of them cannot insulate the floor in a tight way. These tents do not protect them from the summer heat or the winter cold, trapping the air inside and not lasting a long life, so the camp residents need insulation to protect against rainwater and snow.

Clothes are essential for refugees in camps, especially children and elderly people.

Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of refugees in camps.

Shelters are like having a roof over your head to protect you from cold and hot weather.

Shelter supplies are the basics for refugee camps.

Donate shelter supplies for refugees by Bonyan Organization.

Winter Comes soon. Donate Now

By the come of winter, refugees will face the worst time of year according to the past years.

Bonyan will always be by the side of refugees and will always help them in all types of weather.


What Challenges Do Syrian Refugees Face in Winter?

Bad weather in camps is the worst thing refugees will face.

How To Support Syrian Refugees in Winter?

You can support them by giving multiple donations to the Bonyan organization.

What Is the Best Way to Support Refugees?

The best way to support refugees is by donating all things that are essential to their needs.

What Challenges Do Syrian Refugees Face?

They need the basics to sustain their lives: food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, and household and hygiene items.

What Are The Conditions Like In The Syrian Refugee Camps?

In extremely bad conditions, the shelters are very weak at all times of the year.

What Challenges Do Syrian Refugees Face When Fleeing Home?

Poverty and unemployment.