From Ashes to Hope: Rebuilding Lives with Bonyan

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With your compassion, this project seeks not just to build homes but to spark hope and stability for Syrian families devastated by disaster.

From Rubble to Resilience: The Aftermath of Devastation:

The recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Northern Syria has deeply scarred thousands of families, leaving them homeless, exposed, and in despair, amidst the ruins of their once joyful homes.



  • Amid the ruins, Hope Emerges: meet the project of building homes for Syrian refugees in North-West Syria.
  • For years, our organization has transformed devastation into hope, building sturdy homes for families in need and providing shelter against harsh elements. So:

For just $3,000 USD, you can fund the construction of a home, providing a family with a haven to begin healing and rebuilding.

Our proudest achievement and with your support ARE Hope village in Al-kafra region, built by our dedicated team as a haven for displaced families to rebuild their lives in a sustainable and comfortable environment.


Its Features:

  • Al-Najat village in northern Syria stands as a beacon of hope and resilience amidst chaos, showcasing our commitment to quality and durability.
  • Our top-notch engineers and high-quality materials worked hand-in-hand in constructing homes that were safe and resilient.
  • Our commitment to rigorous planning and preparation ensured the village’s resistance to natural disasters.
  • Our focus on quality and expertise resulted in a community that could weather the storm.
Homes for Syrian Refugees

Support Us, Support Life

  • Your contribution will provide warmth, safety, and security to families who have lost everything in the earthquake.
  • We encourage you to contribute today and join us in this profound humanitarian journey. Every dollar can be the cornerstone of a new home, and every home can be the dawn of a new life.

Let’s rebuild lives and sow seeds of hope amid the rubble.

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