Give the Gift of Eidi to Orphans and Refugees

Sunnah Acts for Eid al-Adha

This Eid, let’s make sure no child misses out on the joy and blessings of this holy occasion.

While many of us eagerly anticipate celebrating with loved ones, there are countless orphans and refugee children in Gaza, Syria, and beyond who are facing unimaginable hardship.

Eidi: More Than Just a Gift

Eidi, the traditional gift-giving during Eid, is a cherished symbol of love, generosity, and new beginnings. It brings smiles to children’s faces and fills their hearts with joy.

But for children who have lost their families, their homes, and even their hope, Eidi can feel like a distant dream.

Your Donation Can Make a Difference

Your generous contribution can help us deliver Eidi to orphaned and refugee children who have been deprived of the simple joys of childhood.

With your support, we can provide:

  • Cash gifts: So children can choose the gifts that bring them the most joy.
  • New clothes: To help them feel special and cared for during this special time.
  • Toys and games: To bring back the laughter and playfulness that every child deserves.

Your Eidi gift can light up a child’s life and give them hope for a brighter future.

Join us in spreading the spirit of Eid and sharing the blessings with those who need it most.

Every Eidi you give is a gift of love, compassion, and hope.

Eid Mubarak!