Provide Clean Water on the Day of Tarwiyah


The first day of Hajj, known as Youm al-Tarwiyah (the day of quenching thirst), is a time when pilgrims prepare for their journey by drinking plenty of water. However, millions of Muslims around the world lack access to this basic necessity.

As Muslims hydrate in preparation for Hajj, many refugees in Syria and Palestine struggle without clean drinking water. Your donation can help change this reality.

Clean water is not just essential for survival; it’s a source of hope and health. On this Day of Tarwiyah, let’s follow the example of those on Hajj and ensure that our less fortunate brothers and sisters also have access to clean water.

Your generosity will bring relief and joy, offering blessings both in this life and the hereafter. Donate now and make a meaningful impact.

Donate now and be the reason a family drinks clean water today.